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Thank you for your interest in the Collingwood Football Club Past Players Association (CFCPPA) and we hope the following information will encourage you to support us.

To represent Collingwood at senior level is a proud achievement for any player and this results in a long term bond with the Club. We see it as the responsibility of the CFCPPA to maintain this link by providing opportunities for social interaction and also for the support of the varying needs of our members.

Like many volunteer groups, the CFCPPA is continually on the lookout for support from the Corporate sector. We are happy to promote businesses and companies who may consider sponsorship of CFCPPA functions and activities. The various contacts and details of our events are listed within our website.

Our aim is to have a complete data base of all past players and sponsors and we invite you to update your details or register for the first time. We are delighted with the growing support of players from recent eras and, as we encourage this trend, this will provide the energy to further develop the scope of the CFCPPA. The proud tradition of Collingwood is built on team work and solidarity and one of the fundamental objectives of the CFCPPA is to involve past players with the aim to maintain Collingwood as the premier sporting club in Australia.

Events 2016

Collingwood Past Players Welfare Luncheon
The Glasshouse
Friday 20th May
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Collingwood Past Players Annual Dinner
The Glasshouse
Wednesday 14th September

Bob Rose Memorial Golf Day
Date TBC

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